Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Markets in Alsace

Arriving Sunday late in the afternoon, after finally finding my lodging,
it was already growing dusk.
So, jet lagged and needing a break before starting work,
I decided to take a few hours to explore the Christmas markets.
My rule was:
hand held photographs only for this first night
(I will return with a tripod on later evenings)
and window shop- unless there's something I knew I really wanted.
Like a 'gauffre avec nutella'- a chocolate waffle-
at one of the many refreshment booths.
This booth is part of the cathedral market set:

The plaza in front of the cathedral's west doors:

The display-only lights at the base of the "grand sapin,"
the 50 foot plus tall Christmas tree
at the edge of the Place Kleber,
one of Strasbourg's largest open spaces in the city center
(a few years ago in the summer time they held the Tour de France
opening at the Place Kleber).

The whole town is lit up--
streets and streets with lights and garlands.
Often real garlands.
I can smell the pine.
It's gorgeous!

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