Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend camping at Bryce

I went camping with Joe and Hyrum and the OAC down in Bryce Canyon this last weekend.

It was quite cold overnight (about 29 degrees) and none of us had really prepared sufficiently to stay warm. (My mistake was packing a conventional air mattress; since it isn't insulated it acted as a giant drain on my body heat. I need a Thermarest.) I was up at the crack of dawn (literally) making hot cocoa, and sharing it with those who didn't want to leave their sleeping bags.

Of course after our chilly overnight experience, the day was lovely: high 60s, a bit warmer down in the canyon. Hyrum found some snow on the trail and packed it into his hat to stay cool.

Joe and Hyrum hiked down with me to Tower Bridge (1.7 miles one way) and then I hiked slowly back up while they did the 6 plus more miles of the Fairyland Loop trail. I had a grand time, but got a bit overexterted and dehydrated and had a nasty headache that evening. Fortunately Joe drove most of the way home.

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